Personal Protective Equipment: Face Masks

horizonal line

With so many people wearing face masks due to the coronovirus pandemic, Patricia Youngquist started to think what it must be like for babies, toddlers, and older children—or residents of assisted living and nursing home facilities cut off from visits by family and friends—to be looking into the faces of adults wearing a “surgical” mask and how frightening and confusing that must be for them.

So when Fine Art America recently informed her that it had added the ability to imprint her images on cloth face masks designed for everyday use when out in public (via its sister site,, Patricia was thrilled at the prospect of joining fellow FAA artists by selecting four of her images to be used on face masks.  They are:

Image of Cardinal Love 3 face mask

“Cardinal Love 3”
Image of Good Friends face mask

“Good Friends”
Image of Dragonfly in Central Park #34 face mask

“Dragonfly in Central Park #34”
Image of Hope Ray of Light face mask

“Hope Rays of Light”

Click the link under each image to purchase the mask of your choice.

Each mask, made from 100% polyester, is one–size–fits–all using two woven, elastic loops to secure it around the ears.  They are lightweight, fit easily over the nose, mouth, and chin, and the elastic loops stay firmly in place when worn properly.  People who wear glasses may even find that, correctly positioned, the lower rims of their glasses fit snugly over the top of the mask, thus preventing the breath from condensing on the lenses.  Be sure to read the full description on the product page when purchasing.

Preventing the spread of COVID–19 is uppermost on everyone’s mind right now, and the importance of wearing a face mask—recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as required by many municipalities and individual businesses—cannot be stressed strongly enough as a means to prevent inadvertent person–to–person communication of the coronavirus.

Remember, too, that wearing a mask is the least one can do to show the highest regard for our neighbors and to express deep appreciation for all health care professionals, first responders, and essential workers risking their own health every day to nurse patients back to health.

For specific inquiries about any of the listed items, please contact Fine Art America by clicking HERE.