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All inquiries regarding Patricia Youngquist’s photo art work may be emailed to

About Our Photo Art Books Imprint

Our photo art books are currently available in hardcover only.  Copies may be purchased directly from any third–party vendor — your local bookstore or online from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble — who are each solely responsible for all fulfillment pertaining to every order.  Retailers may purchase in volume through our distributor, IngramSpark / Ingram Book Group, 1246 Heil Quaker Blvd., La Vergne, TN 37086; 855-997-7275 |  Please visit the Photo Art Books Imprint page for more information about the books.

Words In Our Beak, Volume One was previously available in softcover from MagCloud and as ePUBs from both Amazon Kindle and the iTunes store.  Those three initial editions have been withdrawn from publication due to minor changes in the story between them and the current (official) hardcover edition.  The entire series may be made available in both softcover and ePUB editions at a future date.

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Patricia Youngquist The Last Leaf Gardener respects your privacy and takes every measure possible to protect it.  To review the types of personal information that is received, collected, and used by, please click here.

Turtle Pond Art . . . Patricia Youngquist Photo Art . . . Patricia Youngquist The Last Leaf Gardener: Which is It?

Names may change, but the quality photo art from Patricia Youngquist does not.  We are still the same and reachable at the same site–specific email address,, for all electronic correspondence.  Turtle Pond Art [] was the name given to the original web site promoting Patricia’s impressionist photo art and note cards.   In 2010, Turtle Pond Art was redeveloped and rechristened Patricia Youngquist Photo Art.  Over time, a number of Patricia’s projects literally began to grow out of her urban garden, and The Last Leaf Gardener blog was born.  In 2016, Patricia decided to merge all those identities together into Patricia Youngquist The Last Leaf Gardener—which necessitated a redesign and relaunch of Patricia’s Internet home.  This rebranding focuses on new expressions of Patricia’s artistry and further cements the ability of parent company, Patricia Youngquist, Inc., to more easily capitalize on business synergies.  Because nothing ever really goes away on the Internet, our patrons may run across old references to the decommissioned Turtle Pond site and/or the email address associated with it.  There will also be the odd reference to Patricia Youngquist Photo Art because her impressionist prints and kaleidoscopics are topically independent from the garden–themed photo art.