About Patricia Youngquist

horizonal line

Self Portrait Patricia Youngquist’s crisp impressionistic photo art is all the more amazing given that the artist is legally blind.

Living with high myopia since childhood, Patricia well understands how audacious a vocation making photographic art seems for a visually challenged individual.  She grew up in an age when one did not talk about physical limitations, and like others of her generation, she was even encouraged to pretend it did not exist.  It is that ethic on which Patricia has molded her unique style of impressionistic photo art.  [Listen to Patricia being interviewed about her specific methods here.]

Patricia began her career by experimenting with black & white photography.  Twenty images resulting from this body of work were first exhibited in a one–person show at the Palssons Gallery in Manhattan.  A review in the Columbia Daily Spectator assessed her work as possessing “an enigmatic, off–centered sensibility that may be disconcerting or disorienting” but concluded that her “success lies in the fact that she has somehow keenly experienced these pictures before making them into images, proceeding from spirit, idea, and feeling to flesh.”

Some years later, Patricia turned her attention toward working with color.  These prismatic endeavors, derived from her pinhole cameras and printed digitally, were rewarded with an exhibition at Nexus Gallery in the New York Gallery Building.  Patricia began referring to these works as her “kaleidoscopics” after one reviewer termed the experience as “like looking through a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors.”

Patricia’s one–person exhibit at Gotham Gardens directly led to a second one–person exhibition at the Manhattan Borough President’s office.  Additionally, many of these works have been on exhibit at several Manhattan retail businesses.

In 2009, Patricia began writing a blog that wittily and thoughtfully “gives voice to fauna, flora, foliage, and figurines” in her urban New York City garden.  Read this blog post to find out how The Last Leaf Gardener was born.

The Last Leaf
Patricia’s photo, The Last Leaf.