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The Last Leaf Gardener Gives Voice to the Garden

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Patricia Youngquist The Last Leaf Gardener is pleased to feature The Last Leaf Gardener Gives Voice to the Garden.

The Last Leaf Gardener Gives Voice to the Garden is a special video art series that offers visually pleasing, yet unique, insights about life in the garden specifically and on gardening in general.  Each video is an imaginative combination of animated photography that is thematically woven together by words, often with music and sometimes vocal narration.  Offering a broad appeal to all audiences, these videos allow viewers to engage in a one–of–a–kind interactive experience of video photo–art.

The video above, one of several on Patricia’s Vimeo channel, combines all of those elements.  Captain Green Thumb, flying over Manhattan, is drawn to Patricia’s personal urban garden where he meets Ms. Kiwi Vine who is more than happy to talk the Captain through the life cycle of the garden.  [Kiwi makes an excellent narrator because she thrives year round in her natural state, unlike other plants that must undergo rigorous winterizing procedures.  Read the press release about the debut of this talented voiceover artist in “The Kiwi Speaks! Fifteen Minutes of Fame . . . Almost” at Patricia’s blog, The Last Leaf Gardener.]

Please visit Patricia’s Vimeo channel for more video photo–art stories, like “It’s a Wrap! Bubble Wrap!” about winterizing a garden or her roses paying tribute to Ethel Merman.  As one video narrator says, “People of all ages seem to like talking about gardening. Isn’t that what life is all about?”